Scholarship Opportunity

The Jonah Engler Scholarship has been established to create visions for the future of Charitable giving. For Jonah, Charity has always been about “touch and feel” first, and technology second.

The Jonah Engler Scholarship has been established to address this challenge.

Mr. Engler is committed to granting one student per year the chance to be awarded a $1000 scholarship to be applied to their 2020 cost of tuition.

To apply, visit .

AIRC Has A You Tube Channel

Between 2000 and 2005, AIRC was awarded two grants from the Office of Indian Education’s Demonstration program. A product of these grants were claymation videos, with the students designing the background, voicing the characters, translating the story into their native language with the help of an elder, creating the characters, and doing the animation themselves. AIRC staff strung the images together, did the English subtitles, and created the rolling credits. The 15 Cherokee and 10 Creek stories are now available on our You Tube channel!