Cherokee Teens to Adults Program

During the four-year Cherokee Teens to Adults Program, evidence-based interventions will educate youth and their families in a culturally relevant way about health and sexuality, abstinence, preventing early teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and the importance of cultural connectedness. This program will include adult preparation topics and activities to prepare youth for a healthy adulthood.

We strongly believe in fostering healthy lifestyles for Native American youth.

What We Do

Cultural Connectedness: CTAP brings a cultural component that will give students a sense of identity through traditional teachings and activities.

Financial Literacy: Opportunities to gain knowledge in financial literacy will give youth an advantage on transitioning into adulthood.

Sexual Health: Health, sexuality, and wellbeing is important for Native communities. CTAP will teach youth responsible decision-making and how to identify risky behaviors.

Parents and Trusted Adults: CTAP assists in preparing youth people for the future. Involvement will be beneficial to both parents and youth. CTAP participants will learn helpful tips to better communicate with family and friends and form trusting relationships during formative years.

For more information, contact Desiree Amos, Program Director, at 479-228-9974 or by email at damos@aircinc.org.

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